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The Membership Programme

The membership programme of the Institute is a 3-level professional certification programme designed as an ongoing competence development process. It consists of 3-levels. The first two levels entails 3 modules each, making it a total of 6 modules. The third and final certification level is predominantly seminar-styled focusing on contemporary issues in Company Directorship. Members of the Institute may use the post-nominal letters MBI. The programme also serves as an entry point for those who want to go ahead to become Associate Fellows, Fellows or Senior Fellows depending on prior learning and experience.

Programme Overview

Level 1


Module 1: Enterprise Governance

This module will look at the two dimensions of Enterprise Governance:

  • Corporate Governance – conformance & accountability and
  • Business Governance – performance & value creation

Module 2: Financial Governance

This module will look at the processes and technologies used to conduct, manage, and improve financial compliance & risk management controls, audit and financial reporting.

Module 3: Project Governance

This module will look at the four major components of Project Governance:

  • Programme Direction
  • Project Ownership & Sponsorship
  • Effectiveness of PM functions
  • Reporting & Disclosure

Level 2


Module 1: HR Governance

This module will look at strategies involved in the efficient management of human capital in ways that both improve performance and culture in line with an organization’s strategic business goals and values.

Module 2: Communication Governance

The module will look at three things in details:

  • How organizations develop their communication philosophies
  • How organizations develop their communication objectives and
  • How organizations build communication infrastructure to accommodate their philosophies and objectives.

Module 3: Marketing Governance

The module in Marketing Governance will take a critical look at the

  • Processes
  • Procedures and
  • Policies

used by management to optimize the management of marketing functions in high performance organizations.

Level 3


  • Directing a Successful Small Business
  • Negotiation Skills and Techniques
  • Power and Politics in the Boardroom
  • Business Process Management-Life Cycle
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Building, Managing & Leading Effective Teams (The 21 BML Strategies)

Duration: 6 Saturdays

This is a completed and accelerated edition. Therefore the entire programme can be completed in as little as 6 Saturdays.


The course entails 40 hours of comprehensive lectures; case studies, group work & books/journal reviews plus additional 60 hours of one month take home assignments, which serve as the main assessment tool for the programme.

Entry Requirement

  • Appreciable level of Education & substantial work experience
  • Recognition of prior learning and experience

The Mark of Distinguished Leadership.