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The Associate Fellows Programme (AFP) is an intensive 12-week seminar and group research programme on Enterprise Governance and Leadership. It is aimed at middle to senior level executives with substantial work experience and appreciable level of education in both public and private sectors and entrepreneurs who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to creating jobs and increasing incomes. The programme is a life-changing experience, which brings new perspectives, long-term friendships and a lifetime commitment to excellence in Enterprise Governance and Leadership. Associate Fellows of the Institute use the post-nominals AFBI.

Entry Routes

There are three main entry routes:

MBA plus – MBA holders with at least 5 years working experience.

MLME plus – Middle and Senior Level Management Executives without MBA but has substantial work experience of at least 10 years

AFQP– The Associate Fellows Qualifying Programme (AFQP) is an entry route for participants who do not meet the above entry requirements. Such participants will be required to undergo an intensive foundational programme and an interview session to determine their suitability for the programme.

Programme Overview


The Programme comprises of seminar & research components:


The seminar component of the AFP consists of six topics carefully crafted to meet the training needs of today’s enterprise leaders. The seminars are held over a period of six full Saturdays.


  • The Green CEO – Enterprise and Environmental Governance
  • The Private Enterprise in Emerging Democracies
  • Essential Boardroom Leadership Skills
  • Business Process Management- Life-Cycle
  • Strategic Issues in Enterprise Leadership
  • Global Leadership: taking your business across boarders

The research component of the programme offers participants a rare opportunity to make contributions to the Ghanaian knowledge market and environment. There will be three research areas for this batch and participants are to research on anyone of the areas. 


– The Private Enterprise and Ghana’s Economic Development – The Case Study of SMEs.


– Corporate Governance Challenges for State-owned Enterprises in Ghana: A case study of Government Interference in SOEs Governance.


– Corporate Governance of Private Enterprises in Ghana: A survey of SMEs.

Duration: ~ 12 Weeks

The Entire programme can be completed in as little as 12 weeks, consisting of weekends and evening sessions. Sessions are held once a week.

The Mark of Distinguished Leadership.